Bermuda Practice Golf Club



Bermuda Golf “V Zone” Practice Golf Club

Introduce yourself to the exciting world of golf, by regularly using the Bermuda Golf “V Zone” Practice Golf Club to your game. Suitable for right handed men and ladies, the  Bermuda Golf “V Zone” Practice Golf Club will improve your game before your very eyes.

The  Bermuda Golf “V Zone” Practice Golf Club is a swing trainer and not a drive trainer. When practising, you concentrate on your swing, you feel for the right swing for an ideal stroke and you will improve from day to day.

This new innovation in practice golf clubs makes this particular club stand out from other swing-training clubs. One advantage of the “Golf Queen of Swing” is the shortness of the club. It can be used indoors at home, the office or even in hotels when away on business. Practising for just minutes a day with the Bermuda Golf “V Zone” Practice Golf Club can make immediate and on-going improvements to the golf swing.

Some of the special features of the Bermuda Golf “V Zone” Practice Golf Club:

  • Designed for the beginner through to professional.
  •              Metal shaft
  •              Handy carry case included
  • Increased weight to strengthen muscle and increase flexibility.
  • Great for warming up before play.

Practice with the Bermuda Golf “V Zone” Practice Golf Club for just minutes a day and experience immediate on-going improvement. Every player, from beginner to professional, will benefit from the Bermuda Golf “V Zone” Practice Golf Club.

Getting started

Your Bermuda Golf “V Zone” Practice Golf Club was designed to utilise many different practice forms and exercises that will help you develop your swing.

Whether you are doing basic swing practice or weight training for strength and control, your consistency and confidence will build continually.

The Golf Queen of Swing practice club is a versatile training aid with many different features.

The Bermuda Golf “V Zone” Practice Golf Club:

  • The Bermuda Golf “V Zone” Practice Golf Club is suitable for all golfers, men & women
  • Has increased weight which strengthens golf muscles while increasing flexibility.
  • Help improve your technique to help eliminate your slice or hook.
  • Increases your club head speed for longer drives and added distance.
  • Creates muscular memory for the proper swing motion.
  • Improves your weight transfer and your transition from back swing to down swing.
  • Helps you learn to retain the power angle.
  • Perfect for warming up before play.
  • Creates extension in the back swing and through impact
  • Duplicates the feel of the proper load and release
  • Eliminates over swinging and casting
  • Simulates the releasing and squaring of the club face upon impact
  • Great for refocusing your swing on the course when required.
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